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one of my favorites! 22g of hemp rice and pea proteins!

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As Swing This Kettlebell members know, I have partnered with Dale Buchanan of  Dale’s Raw Foods to bring us the best raw and vegan protein bars , mixes and trail mixes I have ever had.   The protein bar is the first beyond tasty bar ive ever eaten that has 22 grams of  pea, rice and hemp protein inside.   Packed full of Raw micronutrient and phytochemical dense ingredients such as goji berries , chia seeds and maca powder, to name a few, these bars are loaded with flavor, beneficial enzymes  and  incredible nutrition.  Contains no preservatives or artificial sweeteners.    At  roughly 275 calories they make a portable meal that sustains you for  a long time. I never leave my house without one in my car or bag.    My favorite so far is the Chocolate Chia Maca bar.

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Along with the protein bars, you can buy

All these products have sold incredibly well @ Swing This due to the quality , taste and ease of use.  If you decide to order some please tell Dale that I sent you.

Try Dale’s Raw Foods today. I assure you, you  won’t be let down.