Im asked daily how  Kettlebell training can build muscle.  Once again, weight is weight. Its how you use it that makes a difference.  I have only a few times played around with Olympic barbell Jerks.  4 times in the last year to be exact. Not 4 cycles, 4 DAYS.   My goal is to compete Kettlebell Sport and someday be a MAster of Sport Rank. That involves Jerking 2x 70 lb kettlebells consecutively over 60 times in 10 minutes or less.   so 140 times 60= a lot of muscle endurance. Power endurance as well.  Now I also cant come close to that currently due to my build.  So i like to Jerk heavier bells such as 2x 106 lbs for as many as i can. currently that is 5 almost 6 reps.   That is only 212 lbs.        Now by NO means am I an experienced Olympic lifter and i have a LOT of practice and  time to gain under the bar before i teach this but i just wanted to show a 30 lb PR on Barbell jerk  that is all due to kettlebell explosive training .

The reason i was able to handle this pretty easily on day one was due to the fact i have very good stabilization strength in my shoulders and torso from so much heavy kettlebell training .So there. more muscle from lifting lighter weights than you think…..   by the time i get to over 300 or maybe 315,  I bet i have much better form and MORE MUSCLE DENSITY!     If you are a Crossfit lifter and looking for a better olympic lift why not add kettlebell sport lifts into your regimen?