Daniels Fitness Training Q&A/ Dynamic Fitness Training  Q&A

Why does DFT believe in the kettlebell as their first choice in athletic/  general fitness training?

Kettlebells provide the body with a way to train in a smooth, yet ballistic fashion using  full body tension and relaxation in the force production and force reduction state along with training  the transition between the two.

Kettlebells INCREASE + proper neuromuscular firing pattern  +full body strength

+ explosive power and speed + training capacity /  muscular endurance

+ hand eye coordination and proprioception  (awareness of

changes in ones  environment)

+ enhanced flexibility , balance, core strength,

coordination, and a higher aerobic ceiling and lactic acid threshold.

Kettlebells DECREASE -  reaction time

-          Joint stiffness

-           Muscular weakness

-          Training time  ( training is condensed by demand of activity)

-          Fatigue in competition due to increased work capacity.

Kettlebells produce strength from toes to fingers along with concentration.


. How can DFT provide me with an edge?

From seminars  and group training sessions to one-on- one  based training we can work out the best solution to your time,  budget, and ability level.


What type of training do your offer?

We   utilize myofascial release( muscle tension ) , dynamic core warm-ups,  joint mobility ,

Balance training ,  Battling Ropes training ( to increase cardio levels)  sandbag and medicine ball  trtraining to training

Training, and bodyweight  training  to assist and round  out the kettlebell program. We believe in a well rounded athlete/ client.

We offer purely FUNctional training.

We DO NOT believe in machines .

We believe in applying these methodologies to replicate real world scenarios.


Why do you not train athletes with machines?

We believe there is a place for heavy weight  and strength training. Machines can build that strength. But if you the athlete cannot access and transition that strength  to be beneficial to them on the field then what is it worth?    So as Pavel would Tsatsouline would say  “Enter the Kettlebell.”

How can DFT trainers help a sports team ?

Being ex-athletes and younger non parental /coach figures with other viewpoints, we have the ability to reach/motivate the athletes  on different levels ensuring a more rounded athlete both physically and mentally.

Surrounding the athletes with others that are more experienced than them will only make them better. Fresh eyes and views can  help the coach see what he may be missing.   From Functional Movement screens we can make sure the players are ready for the coach and at their best .

Movement screens can help find musculoskeletal imbalances  before the activity starts.  Once completed, tight and weak muscles will be addressed and a more balanced body will be on its way.  This may result in better energy,  less tightness and decreased stress

What will my workout be?

Every body is different and everyone has different goals. Therefore Programs will vary from client to client.

Can I use my friends workout?

Referring to the last question, some people  should do certain exercises that others should not   and vice versa.  Doing new exercises without being properly taught can result in hazards or injuries. That is why DFT’s trainers are certified and taught by  some of the best in the training world.  National Academy of Sports Medicine and  the International Kettlebell Fitness Federeration are what we believe in.

Why should I choose DFT for help in my fitness goals?

Myself   and the trainers I choose  LIVE AND PRACTICE the nutritional and training recommendations that we  teach.    We are in this together to make a healthier and better community and training center.



Kettlebell arent just light weights for cardio. These golden boys are 106 lbs each


Lobby and very important warm up and cool down room


Almost finished main chamber for hard training .