MArch 27th starting weight 206    march 28th i was 204.2

APRIL. Tabata Protocol with kettlebell snatch or clean and press premeal =   breakfast and prebed.

Contrast showers for fat loss and or general body conditioning

Leg Strength in squat.  Less is more????   i will train squat no more than 1 in every 10 -12days.  so far at 475 for 2 PR.

SUPPLEMENTS   = Cissus  , green tea extract, creatine, xtend, and glutamine.   lowered carbs higher protein and high fats.   not counting foods  and eating as i feel.       with one cheat refeed day on the weekend of super high calories. doesnt necessarily have to be the cleanest of foods on that day.


march 27th. 1 contrast shower post leg workout.     tabata prebreakfast.

march 28th and 29th    1 tabata with  35 lb kettlebell  and 1 contrast shower

march 30    morning weight 203      24 snatches with 106 lb kettlebell consecutively without putting down.

april 15   LOTS OF bad stress.  nickis seizures and family problems but still 203.   loving the contrast showers and tabatas

500 lb x 3 squat on april 8th.     LESS = MORE for me when it comes to leg strength training.

Update 10/2011 

Have been doing intermittant fasting and losing fat very nicely. strength still up just takes a while to acclimate to the longer  space between meals. i find that a YOGI fasting tea works wonders.  Magnesium oil applied daily is  helping with sleep and muscle tension.    Endurance is climbing on kettlebell jerks and snatches. probably due to more fats and less carbs.