july 2011
Scivation Novem…
acetyl l carnitine
R-Alpha lipoic acid
b complex
bee pollen
creaform creatine by Primaforce
small handful of goji berries and cacao pods 30 min pre workout for caloric energy.

Xtend during workouts in filtered water

whey for a quick amino acid boost before i get home to eat my large meal.

WHEY=  just what it says. whey protein with not a lot of added ingredients.  great to add to oatmeal or drink your protein if your in a rush.  I usually add this into my oats for vanilla oatmeal and a few eggs.  One can only eat 10+ egg whites for so many days in a row right???

XTEND=  If I took ONE supplement on top of  a meal replacement , this would be it.  Increased energy, lowered cortisol (stress hormone) better fat loss and lean muscle gain. Great flavors, may i suggest watermelon  orange and apple?  Delicious.  and you can make slushies with it!   great for any activity such as biking, weight training , kettlebells, and recovery from exercise.   I never go without it.   Great for Bodybuilding , MMA, mountain biking, HIIT cardio, and various other training.

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