These  meals are not only healthy and balanced but are easy to prepare,  and more importantly delicious to eat. Who said eating healthy had to be boring??? Ill try and list as many new meals as I can.


150 gram Turkey Breast with carmelized onions, Crimini mushrooms, and  crushed walnuts

sides of  raw Cauliflower and a small baked potato.

seasonings=  garlic, sea salt, paprika, parsley, black pepper.

sauteed all ingredients in pan  as potato was cooking.  less than 15 minutes to make and begin eating.




Seared tilapia filets drizzled with cashew carrot ginger soup

side of Mashed cauliflower

dessert Baked Apple with macadamia nut oil and vietnamese cinnamon.

super easy.   sear or saute’ fish in skillet with pam, drizzled warm coconut carrot ginger soup over them,

steam lots o cauliflower(i love it , plus its a great cruciferous veggie like broccoli)  then mash or put it in a food processor, drizzle a little mac nut oil on it sea salt, black pepper and cayenne to taste.

for dessert put an organic apple in a steam bag toss in microwave for 2 or so minutes, i did three but it could have been less.  pull it out fork out the seeds/core if you want, add mac nut oil and cinnamon and eat with a spoon. tastes like apple pie without crust.




Buffalo Joe Chili

2 lbs grass fed ground buffalo

2 cans black beans

2 cans chipotle diced tomatoes no sugar added

1 half diced red or orange pepper

1 half diced sweet onion

1 tbsp minced garlic

2 tbsp chili powder

¾ tbsp cumin

.5 tsp ground red pepper

.5 tsp paprika

.5 tsp cocoa and chile blend (McCormick ) or 100%baking cocoa

1.5 tsp sea salt (Realsalt Brand is best)

Black pepper to taste

A squeeze of a fresh lime

12 oz filtered water.

Brown buffalo in one pan, do NOT throw out ot drain fat!! We need this

In another pan sautee the pepper and onion slices with garlic and a bit of the buffalo spoonable fat after it cooks awhile

As buffalo browns, chop it up as you like (I like thicker chunks of meat in mine im not a cincy thin chili person)

Put it and the beans and tomatoes in a large pot to simmer. After the peppers and onions cook toss them in the large pot, then throw all your seasonings in the pot and stir. Add water. Simmer covered for 3-4 hours.

You can eat it then or I like leaving it in the fridge over night for the flavors to really come together.

Warm up the next day on stove. Incredible taste, great hormone free ingredients, balance of protein healthy fat ,(buffalo eat grass and are not fattened with corn and crap like cattle are so the fat they make is rich in good fatty acids, not inflammatory saturated fats) good carbs and HIGH fiber!

On top of that its incredible for building /maintaining muscle without putting on body fat from excess carbs. Unless you put it over spaghetti, but we’ll not get into that here….

Makes 6 servings

Per serving protein= 40 grams

Fat= 15 grams

Carb=32 grams total

Fiber= 8 grams

So carbs minus fiber = 24 measurable carbs to impact blood sugar.

CALORIES PER SERVING= 383 calories!!!!!!! A beautiful full spectrum meal. have a salad with light balsamic vinagrette and you have a WONDER MEAL!!! perfectly portable, never gets old, protein carbs, fat, fiber in one bowl or cup.

The macronutrient profile comes very close to 33% carbs 33% protein and 33% fat!

Now that’s an even pie chart!!!!!!

See the protein, good fats, and fiber slow the digestion of the carbs this meal will fill u up for a long time plus its great for this cold winter!!!

Just don’t ruin it with reined carbs like crackers.

Enjoy the best chili for a muscle building fat busting nutrition plan I have ever made.

great midday meal or late night snack



Broiled Steelhead Trout   rolled in Pistachio crumbs and red peppers

1 medium trout filet, rolled in crumbled pistachios

squeeze lime onto fish  broil on low   place strips of red pepper around fish

a little sea salt to season fish and peppers,

side of white potato drizzled with macadamia nut oil and pepper/ sea salt

Cup of orange peel and  vanilla white tea.


pre Valentines day  dinner

Thai Spicy shrimp and chicken skewers

Side of 1 oz. yam soba noodles

6-8 oz cubed chicken breast

6-8 oz peeled and deveined shrimp

in a food processor throw in 1 med red pepper

1/4 onion,

2 garlic cloves,

squeeze of lime,

1 tsp szechuan hot sauce,

1 inch of peeled ginger root,

a little sea salt  and black pepper.

blend until fine paste.  marinate shrimp and chicken in seperate bowls using paste.

cook chicken cubes in a teaspoon macadamia nut oil or sesame oil   until almost done and sauce thickens on them

alternate shrimp and chicken on the skewer and  place in broiler 2 minutes on each side.

soba noodles cook fast. so watch them you dont eant them too soft.      enjoy.

also easy way to get some veggies in for people who dont like them….


Eggplant and mushroom omelet.

saute 1/2 small eggplant in cubes with 1/2 red pepper sliced thin.  a bit of onions and muschrooms.  i threw in spinach leaves and a half a diced small tomato.  little paprika and sea salt  as this mixture cooked i whisked 1 egg and a few egg whites and poured it in a  wide pan.  it made a very thin omelet that i dumped the eggplant mushroom mixture into the center then folded the thin omelet around it to create a next looking breakfast.   serve immediately to wife or husband in bed with some low acid coffee on a snowy day……..    delicious and nutritious.


1/4 11     Sauteed Chipotle Garlic Venison

  1. One of my favorite ways is to use organic butter  if the medium temp skillet,
  2. cube the venison or cut to thin strips,
  3. add chopped garlic  , sautee
  4. throw venison in and brown  or cook too your liking . Remember its lean so it can burn fat, hence why i cook it slow
  5. use a couple tablespoons of this   BUFALO Chipotle salsa.  Its not chunky just saucelike and adds a very smoky flavor coupled with the garlic gives a bite to the venison and makes it taste much closer to a sirloin steak.
  6. add sea salt to your liking.
  7. Boom. Done.  Cook a lot and save it .
  8. Ive paired it with some Brown Rice or a nice cooling salad.   a Cold Quinoa salad is good as a side as well.
  9. dont forget your veggies…..