SIMPLE , SAFE, SOUND.    Thats how everything should start.  Whether your a newbie or a seasoned vet, simple before advanced, safe  is better than hurt, and sound programming will take you to your goal(s) .  At Daniels Fitness Training we employ  these principle  to everyone we coach.   We also believe that  your training should resemble what you are going to be doing in your life.   A middle aged woman who’s never been in a gym before should probably  not start training like a bodybuilder or MMA fighter.  It just doesnt fit the picture. Unless she wants to keep up with her cage fighting teens,  balance, flexibility and functional strength  movement patterns are more of what she should be doing.

Daniels Fitness Training does not  believe in  the “No pain No, gain”  mentality.  There is a definite difference between muscle soreness from use/ muscle fatigue  and a torn rotator cuff or bicep tendon. Until you are highly aware of your body and its limitations/ capabilities  we highly suggest you do not subscribre to this train of thought.  It Better to recuperate and  train again sooner than to all out  destroy your body in one session.  It can only handle so much stress at a time before it starts to break down.    Recuperation  brings us to tension release techniques, nutrition and sleep.

Whether it be massage therapy, trigger point work, stretching or foam rolling , DO IT.  It may not seem like much but its worth no developing tight muscles that affect how your body naturally needs to move leading to compensations.  Believe it or not you can have ongoing headaches from having tight muscles in your back and neck.

exercise+ (proper(sleep* food)= MUSCLE GROWTH or FAT LOSS    or more importantly…. YOUR GOAL

As far as physique training Joe has  thoughts on arcs and angles.  There are no straight lines in nature, so why should you try to pull in a straight line to activate  muscle in your body?   Clients get the priveledge of getting this explained to them in detail……


So in a nutshell you should, exercise for your level of training,  make progressions, have fun, strive to make better choices with nutrition, and  remember  Never give up, Never give in.     Think about this   If it took you 5 years to put on 50 pounds its not going to come off in 4 weeks.   You have to do this for yourself in a healthy fashion.