I start my first session of Rolfing,  which is a form of deep fascial work started by Ida Rolf to help with posture and movement on 8/11/11. I went to LIFEPATH CENTER OF THE HEALING ARTS   Wanda Sucher Advanced Rolfer is my therapist.  She has  a great  knowledge and energy. This is a log of  that experience.

Felt amazing.  lots of beep elbow and forearm was used to release the muscle.   therapist used her elbow as  precise as one would with their hands and thumbs.  impressive. very deep work but feelings of release were appparent depite lots of tenderness and i get massage alot.   most  tightness was felt in left upper trapezius and adductors, also left lateral quadricep.    thanks to Wanda Sucher of Lifepath Center for the Healing Arts.

8/25   Due to fresh tattoo on upper trapezius we stayed away from that area and focused more on shoulders, QL and  posterior lower body.   lots of tight spots in glutes and hip rotators.   shoulders still being angry, but she continues to make the pain  in my left wrist decrease which ive had for ten + years from a broken scaphoid (wrist bone).  woke up in the morning with achy QL.