Throughout the years that I have spent trying to better myself physically and mentally,whether in the gym or outdoors, i have seen many people come and go. The beginning of  the year rolls around and people make their resolution to “Get fit” or  Lose 5, 10, 15, 50, or even 100 pounds ”   Maybe they “Want to play golf better ” or  “Be able to keep up  with my grandchildren.”  Whatever the reason may be, they all know they need to get into better shape so they join a gym or class and go at it with the best intentions. Well the first few weeks of the year the gym is crazy there are new  people everywhere sweating , running, lifting and doing every machine  there is! Then all of a sudden the people you saw there everyday are slowly fading away.   You ask your friend “What happened to Andrea?  You know, that lady that  was killing her legs all the time? ”  Then you find out that she hurt her back pretty bad doing squats,and you never saw her again.  There are many reasons why people stop  training or an exercise program.  Injuries, lack of understanding motions, overtraining, boredom, lack of results, trying to progress to fast, not recuperating well, the list goes on and on.  All of these reasons can be avoided by hiring an EXPERIENCED and  KNOWLEDGEABLE trainer.   A highly skilled trainer will be able to assist you in learning about the capabilities and limitations of your body.  You  are an individual and no one is exactly like you.  By working out with a friend and doing a leg extension machine you feel that it doesnt feel right but he or she says it feels fine to them, its probably because it DOESNT FIT EVERONE THE SAME !  No matter how many adjustments there are it will probably never be just right to everyone.  A knowledgeable trainer will be able to show you several exercises that are comparable if not better than that machine and some do not even require weights or equipment!   A trainer will be able to tell you how much of what to do to get to your goal and stop you from doing TOO much that you injure or overtrain yourself.  Ive seen many people leave the gym after a few weeks because they ran on the treadmill for half an hour almost every day of the week! They are running through the pain of a sore knee to lose weight.  They may be losing weight but that could be  fat AND muscle. Without resistance training  your body  doesnt have much of a reason to hold on to extra lean muscle,  and it can actually reduce your lean muscle by doing cardio all the time.  So within a few weeks youve lost 10  pounds, hit your goal weight, but still look flabby without any muscle tone ,  have no energy with a giant appetite.  So you stop going to the gym because it didnt make you feel good and you are so hungry now you could eat a horse.  The problem now is  your eating for a smaller engine because youve possibly burned up   several pounds of the highly metabolic muscle that you had when you started.   But hey!!  youve lost ten pounds right????   Now youre not working out and eating more carbs and calories than before with less energy expenditure for the day.  SOOOO, you start to build more fat and the cycle continues.. ….  Proper training could have prevented this.     Do you have to work out with a trainer 3 times a week for 2 years?  NO.  What could a few sessions possibly do for you? Well you could learn what to do and what not to do  based on your body type and mechanics.   Ask for advice. Ask for help . We train people because we want others to feel better physically and mentally.  Ask Daniels Fitness Training to help you reach your goal.