Interviews are like fig newtons. Everybody wants one. Well here are a few to enjoy before bed.  You wont just find leaders in the kettlebell and training field but more importantly words from people who have made drastic changes in their lives  from being a part of the Swing This Kettlebell Community.

Heidi Toy    Interview      March 2012   Kettlebell Sport Competitor,  Gluten Free athlete

James Maloney    March 2012    Kettlebell Sport Competitor, Father

Caitie Mix   April 2012   Swing This Member  owner, GREENLINE SALON Covington KY

Shawn Bellon Interview April 2012  Powerlifter             www.Squatgod.com

Moses   Jan 2013  Fine Modern Gentleman

Steve Cotter Interview International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation  Feb 2013             www.ikff.net

John Jumpin Hatfield    SwingThis Member and Music Buff. March 2013


Donica Storino Interview  IKFF CKT and ONNIT ATHLETE   Sept 2013      www.bellbitch.com



What kettlebell focused  interviews would you like to see next? Let us know in the comment section below.