“It’s so funny to see you with that little kettlebell.”     

Thats what I heard  from  Jenny while I was doing snatches with a 12 kg non competition kettlebell this morning.

“Why are you using that one?’”  she said. “That weight wont do anything for you, youre too strong!!”

I told her today was my Off training day, yet that doesnt mean Im just going to sit on the computer all day and type.  Im a human I need to move! But Im going to deload.

There were many reasons that I had for deload training with a very light weight.

  • Form Practice.
  • Giving my Sympathetic Nervous system  a break (deload)
  • Tuning in to various weights and mechanics. Movement isnt always  with heavy loads.  I know many people who can deadlift over 500lbs that  have hurt their backs lifting less than 50lbs because they dont think they need the mechanics for such a “light” lift.  Their nervous system is really only tuned to the heavy weights.
  • Tempo and repetition of the lift.  a 32kg  one arm snatch  is much slower than a 24kg and definitely slower than a 12kg.  I train so that my body can adapt to any situation it is in at the time being. Therefore my nervous system is tuned to handle various loads and speeds without having bad form and getting hurt.
  • Conditioning respiratory and vascular.   Longer times  of lifting to develop conditioning and get the blood flowing along with sore muscle tissues being used lightly can help with recovery, as long a they are not getting stressed out again.
  • It wakes you up!   Exercise gets the brain working better !!!
  • I use it as a diagnostic tool. 50 snatches on the left side i noticed that my right lower back was tight. I went and used the MobilityWOD Supernova on my glute and guess what . back tightness gone…..
  • Joint and tendon rest.     Yeah, I dont want tendonitis again.  Ive learned my lesson by now.


Its definitely funny that people think its crazy that I lift light weights  but there is a reason!

Too many people are always stuck on “more is better”   Especially in strength training.

So, How often do you deload ???   When do you practice form?      Let me know below!