Here are just some of the great member stories you can find at Swing This Kettlebell and Strength.



Stephanie Crisler (Johnson)  

“Since I’ve started working out at Swing This, my lifestyle has changed drastically on many accounts:

  • 1. I no longer procrastinate when it is time to leave work–I can’t get out the door quick enough and generally go straight to the gym;
  • 2. I understand now that cardio can be included in a workout and doesn’t have to be just running;
  • 3. I look at fast food and other junk food and want to gag… and tend to crave things like salads, almond butter, almond milk, and greek yogurt;
  • 4. I eat a lot more throughout the day and feel more energized;
  • 5. I have gained about 2-3 lbs since I started Swing This, yet my clothes fit looser (including my wedding dress) and I don’t stress about the extra couple of lbs since I know its muscle and NOT fat (losing 1% body fat in just about a month is a major moral boost…I wish I would have monitored my body fat from the very begining);

read more from stephanie here  ….  “From Kettlebells to Wedding Bells “


Steven L  Northern KY Firefighter and EMT

“So today I truly got to see the results of my “CPAT” based functional training that I have been killing myself with recently at Swing This. At around 1100 this morning we responded to a building fire. The heat index was already about 100 degrees. I was able to pull a line to the door, make entry, do a primary and secondary search, locate a missing dog and bring it out of the house. I had only used roughly 12% of the air in my SCBA cylinder, and although I was sweaty and hot, my body was not taxed the way it would have been this time last year. I urge anyone in my profession to come to Swing This, give it a try, and see the positive results functional training can give you. If you never have to save someone else’s life, at least do it to save your own.”



Jon Ehlen Ryle High School Boys Varsity GOLF Coach Testimonial
“I would like to give a big shout out to Joe Daniels and the Swing family this afternoon! I just finished my FIRST full running workout in TWO years (3.5miles, 15 min 20 on 40 off wind sprints). Thanks for helping me build back my confidence in my leg and shoulder!! I finally have my stride back thanks to all the great workouts at Swing. Words cannot express how great if feels to go out and run PAIN FREE!!!!

When I first came to Swing, I had just been off crutches 3 weeks from a level 3 sprained ankle, 3 broken metatarsals, and a bruise talus bone. I could not walk with out a limp and I had NO flexiblity in my joint. My doctor told me it would take 18-24 months to fully recover… 9 months working out with Joe…. BOOM!

I would aslo want to share how Swing has helped get my shoulder back too. This was my first summer back in the sand(volleyball) from a 2009 rotator cuff, labrum, and bone spur repair surgery. When I first came to you, I was terrified to raise any weight above my shoulder. This was sabotaging my recovery. Little by little we increased my weight and gradually increased my shoulder stability!! Though, not quite 100%, I’m back to doing what I do best:)  ”  - ANNIE DANIEL


“I started my career as a personal trainer about 5 years ago (at age 18). When I first started training I fell into the category of dedicated lifter: I was a bodybuilder who had strength and size but lacked total/functional fitness including core stability, flexibility/mobility, balanced strength, posterior chain development etc. Then a little over a two years ago I ran across the name JOE DANIELs I looked into him and found out he was also a bodybuilder but wait he had everything I needed in terms of fitness! Joe isn’t your average bodybuilder he has created a great balance between all aspects of fitness and nutrition and an amazing fitness community around him,something we can all look to strive for. In the past few years i have grown a lot both personally and professionally as a trainer and now as a business owner and a lot of that has come from JOE. I have a gym full of clients swinging kettle bells now and I blame him! Can’t thank you enough for what you do!”     -Chris Rhoades Renegade Fitness Sylvania OH


“Joe has an impressive knowledge of how the body works in relation to exercise and nuitrition. He has helped me enormously over the past 2 years in maintaining flexibility, increasing my strength, guiding me toward better nutrition, and generally improving how I feel. Being a middle-aged woman, I depended on Joe’s expertise to structure a program that suits my needs and goals, and he did just that. He encourages progress and likes to be creative with workouts so there is frequently something new to learn. He’s fun and easy to work with. I highly recommend him as a trainer. ”      – Beth Prast


“Over the years I have trained with state and national level bodybuilders.
Initially, I sought Joe out more of curiosity than anything else given he
had just won the overall of two tough local bodybuilding shows back to back, at less than 170lbs. That’s not a typo.
Then I met him, Joe is one of the nicest most out of the box thinking individuals I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Does he know his business and more importantly how to incorporate that knowledge into results for
his clients? Better than anyone I’ve worked with. Highly recommend you
give yourself the benefit and pleasure of working with this young man, I
promise you will be glad you did!”    - Herb Johnson


“I’ve been journaling my thoughts since I started at Swing This and have to share this with people who I know will appreciate it.

I put on my jeans Friday and I didn’t even have to unzip them to do so. Freshly washed and dried, they are usually snug below the waist. I measured my waist. Down 1 inch. No, I must have done that wrong…let me exhale and not hold my stomach in, be as relaxed as possible. Now, measure…down-1 inch. o_0 Cue emotions: scared, anxious, excited, disbelief, dumbfounded, proud…all what I felt when I saw that smaller number.

Even though I know the scale is not a true measure of my body’s composition, I jumped on to see if there is even a pound difference. Nada. Same weight as a week ago. Years of media, infomercials, doctors, my mother’s unknowing negative words (from years of misinformation and desperation) are screaming inside my head, “You have done nothing right, you didn’t lose an ounce! Ha! Knew you couldn’t do it.” I put on my jeans again, and feel how my bra doesn’t squeeze the breath out of me anymore and that voice is not so loud now.

That voice would coax me into hitting a drive-thru for breakfast because it is easy. It would say, it’s OK, it’s just this once, then convince me later that I was a failure for caving in, so why not just go ahead and do it again for dinner. That voice would whisper all day in my head, everything, however minute, I had done to drag me down and give in to it.

Now that voice is getting crushed by the pride I have in myself for losing 1 inch…one itty, bitty inch! If 1 inch can have such a profound affect on my thinking and squash that nasty voice, make it ‘eat’ it’s own words…imagine what 2 inches will do. I can’t wait to feed that voice back the load of bullshit it’s been feeding me for years. :-)

Thank you, Joe, and everyone who has been so friendly, helpful and encouraging.  ”