Hello everyone were here to let you know the StrongCore games are upon us. Actually this Saturday. This is where Daniels Fitness Training has ended up. After almost 3 years of SwingThis Kettlebell, we’ve ended up in the current 5500sq ft space we currently are rocking out in.

If you follow us you have seen some incredible changes in people from using kettlebells.
But this Saturday were here to show the competitive side of kettlebell lifting.

Unlike Olympic or powerlifting style barbell lifting , where the most amount of weight lifted wins, kettlebell sport is based more on muscular endurance. Basically how many times you can lift a certain weight in 10 minutes. This consists of biathlon , which is 10 min of jerks and 10 min of snatches. Or long cycle which is 10 min of cleans and jerk. While its tough for many people to last the full 10 minutes were also doing 4 min sets called StrongSport. This will help beginners get into kettlebell sport.

So please stop by 4300 Boron Ave Covington ky 41015 in the RSVP building being latonia Kroger.

The competition will be from 9 am til around 11 am. We will follow with certain classes all FREE of course. Other challenges such as Bulgarian bag spin tests and TRX challenges will be available.

If you’ve ever been interested in kettlebell and other types of functional training please stop down and see what it is like.

The flight will go as planned…

9 am. Men’s jerk
Female jerk or Long Cycle
Mens long cycle
Men’s Strong sport long cycle
Female StrongSport
Men’s Snatch

Various challenges

Noon and til 2pm free classes.
Kettlebell for sports,
Ladies kettlebell
Trx. Workshop with Ryan Smith
Yoga and Stretching with Katy Hess