So whats the deal with the new WKC Kettlebells? The one labeled Precision.

Here is a rundown.

wkc kettlebells

Valery using the 32kg Precision we painted Candy Apple Red.

 (Official description taken from

VF Precision Kettlebell™ designed by the champ, Valery Fedorenko.

  • Beautiful handles beyond compare
    • smooth surface that holds chalk
    • diameter guaranteed not more than 33mm
    • anti-rust varnish is clear and easily removable
  • Ultra comfortable design with large flat platforms
    • Less pressure on your forearm
    • Better stability in rack and overhead position
    • Exceeds comfort and performance of our VF ProGrade™
  • Total redesign of the kettlebell and manufacturing process
  • Made of genuine AISI1020 steel, not scrap steel or iron
  • VFSurface™ coating is thin and dry allowing chalk while preventing rust
  • no sand core – free of loose sand inside the kettlebell
  • precision weight adjustment – no loose metal inside the kettlebell
  • Specifications:
    • handle diameter 33mm: +0mm / -1mm
    • bell diameter 210mm: +- 1mm
    • kettlebell weight: -0g / +250g
  • All weights are the same dimensions for ease of transition from size to size available in



  • LIFETIME Guarantee!



WKC kettlebells have had a few re incarnations over the past few years. We’ve had one of each kind they’ve had .  The only problem Ive had has been  some rusting on handles of the latter Performance bells that just need to keep polished with a drywall sanding block when the gym gets humid and the heavier bells aren’t  used alot.    My 32kg bells have a very slight metal wobble inside making them almost feel like a jello like feel.

The Precision WKC kettlebells  are supposed to have no loose feel at all, I’m looking forward to getting a few of them.  We have so many bells at Swing  so far, including smaller diameter competition bells I dont need to buy many more but as you know were always looking for better tools.    If you are interested in getting a preorder of the first Precision WKC Kettlebells  check them out here….  World Kettlebell Club.  You can also get a sweet deal on their older remaining Prograde and Performance Bells.


We grabbed one of the first 32 kg bells released. It s hard to describe the way they feel with out someone trying a proper snatch as far as the weight displacement.  The Leverage of the roll on the snatch feels incredible. perfect handle legs and I can really get a great lockout above due to the insertion point and how it fits my arm.  The Coating definitely holds chalk like never before and its within seconds to apply enough for a ten min set.  If you sand off the coating you won’t be able to get that back. So its up to you how you like it.     After competing at Worlds and everyone using the Precision WKC kettlebells,  I’m pretty sure that many people thought they were the most consistent and comfortable competition kettlebell they’ve tried so far. i had never used anything over a 36 kg PErformance bell but u even tried 44kg bells backstage to warmup for my STRONG SPORT set. So incredibly comfortable it made my 38 kg set feel like a breeze. I hardly remember struggling.

Since then we have purchased one more 24 kg  and a pair of 18KG for A few people getting into the LongCycle sport such as John Hatfield, Trent Gerard, Cole Thornton and Jason Riggs. OF course many of the ladies use single 18′s  but we’ve already had the smaller diameter beveled edge bells.   (see Johns video using the Precision 16′s here.)

Heres where they shine! The beveled edge makes it much more comfortable for the user  to find a good forearm position and to stay with the kettlebell contacting their arm longer.  Since there is no sand core, it sounds awesome when you touch them together on Cleans.

Sorta like a mini gong.    Yes amazing.  Now I want more…..



wkc kettlebells

wkc kettlebells

New WKC Kbell with Lifetime Guarantee.

Here are a few more videos using the new Precision WKC kettlebells at either worlds or SwingThis.